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Birmingham Audit

The Work of Internal Audit

The Councils internal audit service is designed to help support the highest standards of corporate governance, public accountability and transparency in the Council’s business. The Assistant Director of Audit & Risk Management is responsible for providing this service.

A programme of work is drawn up each year to provide an independent opinion on the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control systems. Following completion of this work, an overall assurance is provided to form part of the Council's Annual Governance Statement.

Birmingham Audits work is subject to IS09001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 standards.


Birmingham Audits priorities are to:

  • Deliver an audit service that meets professional and mandatory standards and delivers suitable assurance to the council.
  • Deliver an effective counter fraud service to prevent, detect and deter fraud and error.

Our brochure contains a full outline of our work:

Reporting Suspected Fraud:

If you believe that someone might be committing fraud, then we would like you to report it to us. For it to be fraud, a person has to have done one or more of the following things in order to gain something they believe they wouldn’t be entitled to had they been truthful:

• Provided false information or documents.

• Made a false representation, namely letting us believe their circumstances are different to what they really are.

• Withheld information in order to conceal something from us.

• Not report changes in their circumstances.

Within local government frauds can involve:

• Benefit claims

• Social housing applications and tenancies

• Council Tax Discounts

• Council Tax Support

• Business Rates

Even if the potential fraud involves some other service or benefit, if you report it to us, we will always make sure we forward the details onto the relevant Agency if it’s not something we are responsible to investigate.

You can report suspected fraud using our fraud referral form or the contact details below. You can also contact us for advice on what to do.

Please give us as much detail as possible, outlining what you suspect the person is doing, their full name and address.

If you don't mind us contacting you, please also let us know your name and contact details so we can ask for further information if we need to.

E-mail: fraudhotline@birmingham.gov.uk

Telephone: 0121 303 9990 (Benefit related fraud only)

Telephone: 0121 303 4130 (Council related fraud only e.g. housing, business rates or council tax)

General Enquires:

Our e-mail address is: birminghamaudit@birmingham.gov.uk

Our telephone number is: 303 3869