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Asbestos from Domestic Premises

We offer a free collection service from your home for asbestos cement materials such as roofing sheets, pipes and guttering. To request a collection of asbestos cement, use the button above or call 0121 303 1112. Advice on how to prepare your asbestos cement for collection is below and you can also call us for advice. Once it is ready, we aim to collect it within five working days.

We are only able to collect and dispose of small amounts of wrapped and bagged cement asbestos from domestic premises only. If there are over 6 bagged or wrapped packages then we are unable to collect and you will need to contact an independent licensed asbestos disposal company.

Please note: asbestos cement cannot be taken to a household recycling centre.

Asbestos from Commercial Premises

If your cement asbestos waste comes from premises used wholly or mainly for the purposes of trade or business, please contact the Environment Agency on 0870 580 6506 or go to their website via the link below. We cannot collect commercial cement asbestos waste.

Essential Information
  • This advice does not apply to any other type of asbestos material – see the Hazardous waste section for more information.

    If you have to dismantle the structure containing asbestos cement, it is advisable to take the following precautions:

    • Clear the area surrounding the structure before starting work;
    • Pre-wet (with water) the asbestos cement you are dealing with;
    • Wear gloves and a disposable face mask suitable for working with asbestos;
    • Remove the asbestos cement with as little breakage as possible – do not break it up unnecessarily;
    • If you need tools to ease removal, use hand tools not power tools. This will reduce the amount of dust;
    • Wrap and seal large pieces in heavy duty plastic sheeting, plastic sheeting can be purchased at most DIY / hardware stores;
    • Damp down any debris and place it in double plastic bags, together with smaller pieces of asbestos and your used face masks and gloves.

    We will collect the asbestos cement as long as:

    • It is wrapped and sealed in heavy duty plastic sheeting;
    • It is stacked in quantities that two people can handle easily; and
    • Any asbestos cement debris is sealed in double plastic sacks.
Frequently Asked Questions
    • No, cement asbestos must not be taken to the recycling centre. You can arrange a free removal by pressing the "Request Cement Asbestos Removal" button at the top of this page.

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