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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Acting on Behalf of


Occasionally customers prefer to ask somebody else to deal with the Council on their behalf. This could be a relative, a friend or a professional such as an advice worker or a solicitor.

For many customers, these enquiries are infrequent and it is convenient for the customer to speak to our Customer Service Agents and confirm that they are happy for us to deal with, for instance, their son on this occasion.

However, for others this needs to be a more permanent, formalised relationship. This may be because;

  • They are not confident in dealing with such matters
  • They require the help of a legal professional with a particular matter
  • A court has awarded someone a Lasting Power of Attorney to act on their behalf.

For our customers who wish to nominate somebody to act on their behalf on a regular basis we ask that you download and complete the form below. This will grant us permission to set up a permanent relationship in our computer systems that will allow us to deal with the representative without the customer being available.

The form contains detailed notes to help with completion and allows customers to set a defined date for the relationship to end, if required.

Essential Information
  • One of the following proofs should be provided

    • Driving licence
    • Passport
    • Bank credit/debit card etc

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