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Access to Education

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Access to Education consists of four specialist services:

Communication & Autism (CAT), Educational Psychology (EPS), Pupil and School Support (PSS) and Sensory Support (SS).

These services work in an integrated way to ensure schools and settings receive services of the highest quality in order that they can support children and young people with additional educational needs.

For general information about Access to Education services click here: http://accesstoeducation.birmingham.gov.uk/

For information about Communication & Autism (CAT) click here: http://accesstoeducation.birmingham.gov.uk/index.php/CAT/welcome-to-the-communication-and-autism-team.html

For information about Educational Psychology (EPS) click here: http://accesstoeducation.birmingham.gov.uk/index.php/EPS/welcome-to-educational-psychology.html

For information about Pupil and School Support (PSS) click here: http://accesstoeducation.birmingham.gov.uk/index.php/PSS/welcome-to-the-pupil-and-school-support-service.html

For more information about Sensory Support (SS) click here: http://accesstoeducation.birmingham.gov.uk/index.php/SS/welcome-to-sensory-support.html

We also work in partnership with Early Support Service (ESS), the Physical Disability Support Service (PDSS), the Looked After Children’s Education Services (LACES) and Special Educational Needs Assessment Review team (SENAR) so you will also find useful information and links for these services.

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