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Access to Education

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Access to Education consists of four specialist services: Communication & Autism (CAT), Educational Psychology (EPS), Pupil and School Support (PSS) and Sensory Support (SS), who work in an integrated way to ensure schools and settings receive services of the highest quality in order that they can support children and young people with additional educational needs. We also work in partnership with Early Support Service (ESS), the Physical Disability Support Service (PDSS), the Looked After Children’s Education Services (LACES) and Special Educational Needs Assessment Review team (SENAR) so you will also find useful information and links for these services.

Access to Education offers a comprehensive and unique range of traded services which schools and settings can commission. These services offer support for children and young people with SEND and the professionals working with them.

We also offer a wide range of training courses across all of the specialisms which are now available to book online. There is always a high demand for our services, some of which are provided free at the point of delivery and some services which schools and settings can buy into separately.

Our Mission

Our mission within Access to Education is to work in homes and educational settings, putting children and young people and families at the centre of everything we do. Our holistic approach enables participation, engagement, inclusion and equality of access. Our highly skilled practitioners are at the forefront of knowledge and new thinking around all aspects of Special Educational Needs and Disability. So if you require any further information about our services, do contact us. We can help you to make a difference!

Bespoke Packages

Access to Education provides a wide range of bespoke packages to schools and settings based on your specific requirements. Packages can be arranged for individual schools and settings or within a cluster or consortia of schools.

To discuss your individual requirements for a bespoke package, please contact us either through one of the A2E staff visiting your school or by telephoning one of our four area bases



North: 0121 303 1792
South: 0121 303 8288
East: 0121 303 1793
West: 0121 303 0100

For all further information, please visit Access To Education’s website at: http://accesstoeducation.birmingham.gov.uk