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Abandoned or Unwanted Vehicles


Abandoned Vehicles

We treat a vehicle as being abandoned if:

  • There is no road tax disc or a road tax disc that has expired for over a month
  • It is left on any land in the open air in such circumstances or for such a period that it may be reasonably assumed to be abandoned, or, if the vehicle had been brought to the piece of land for the purpose of abandonment

To report an abandoned vehicle press the Report an Abandoned Vehicle button above.

Unwanted Vehicles

If you live in Birmingham and have a vehicle you no longer want, we can arrange for a free removal and destruction service. Please use the online form above.

To tell us about an unwanted vehicle you would like to have removed just press the Request Unwanted Vehicle Removal button above.

Essential Information
  • Vehicles with a valid road fund license cannot be classed as abandoned, so please don’t report them.
    When you report a vehicle as having been abandoned, please tell us:

    • The general condition of the vehicle (i.e burnt out)
    • Vehicle registration number make, model and colour
    • Vehicle taxed
    • Exact location of the vehicle

    We’ll investigate reports of abandoned vehicles straight away. The process may take some time, it’s typically older vehicles that get reported as abandoned and they may have had several owners.
    If we can confirm that the vehicle has been abandoned, we’ll remove it.
    We’re unable to remove vehicles that have a registered keeper.
    Please don’t contact us just to report an untaxed vehicle, if you have no reason to believe it’s been abandoned. The local DVLA office deals with road fund licence queries.

  • If you have a vehicle you no longer want and would like us to dispose of it for you, you will need to:

    • Complete a removal consent form (attached below) and send it to us along with the vehicle’s log book.
    • Contact the DVLA to tell them that you’re no longer the owner.

    We will then:

    • Organise collection
    • Tell the DVLA that we have officially disposed of it.
Frequently Asked Questions
    • We can remove any vehicle suspected as being abandoned, including cars, lorries, vans, caravans and trailers. They mustn’t have a registered keeper or a valid road fund licence.

    • Abandoned vehicles will normally be removed within 7 days, if they are seen to be dangerous or a hazard then are removed within 24 hours.

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