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The Adults and Communities directorate is working with service providers so that there will be a range of services to meet people's needs in the future. As part of this, we are introducing a different way of contracting with providers. We will be using a new framework agreement when we commission services from care homes, care homes with nursing and home support services.

The framework agreement sets out what we expect from organisations that provide services to people in Birmingham on our behalf. If your organisation is interested in providing the kind of services that we commission, you will need to 'sign up' to our new approach to adult social care.

Technical helpdesk

Matrix SCM have created a new Helpdesk Number 0871 474 0332 that providers are able to use if they need to reset their password to use Sproc-Net, or they have any technical issues they may have using this system.

An example of a technical issue is that if a Provider is trying to submit an offer through Sproc-Net and for some reason they are not able to submit the offer then this would be the time to call Matrix directly to enable the issue to be resolved quickly.

Providers can continue to use the Commissioning Enquiry Desk number 0121 303 3893 if they have any other queries in relation to the Sproc-Net system.

With immediate effect both Older Adult and Younger Adult Bed Based Providers as well as Home Support Providers are able to apply to come onto the Framework Agreement using the SProc-net system using the website and enrol using the box “New Supplier Registration” top right hand side of the Sproc-net homepage.

Younger Adult Care Providers will not be able to Micro-Procure for business until 6th May 2014, but they will still be able to register their organisation onto the Framework prior to this date.

Please read the attached 'Application Policy August 2013' document for instructions regarding the Framework Agreement. This is relevant to you whether you are a new Provider or an existing Provider.

New Framework Agreements

Commissioning is introducing new Contractual Arrangements with external providers. The new Adults and Communities Framework Agreement will replace contracting arrangements across all client groups, for care homes with and without nursing (both long and short term provision) and home support provision.

The attached document is Guidance Notes for New Home Support with regard for future Monitoring Visits:

The attached letter is a update from previous correspondence on what Younger Adult Providers are required to do to ensure they are able to tender for business with Birmingham City Council with effect from Tuesday 6th May 2014.

“Please find attached a letter that outlines the process that all Younger Adults Care Providers wishing to do business with Birmingham City Council will need to follow so they are accredited and enrolled onto the Framework Agreement”

Please find attached three documents that explains the Reach Standards and who they are designed for, if you have any queries please email

There has been a variation to the Framework Agreement, the attached documents have been updated and you are able to view/print as required

Please find attached the presentation that was shared to Providers at the Provider Forum on Monday 24th March 2014 for your information

‘Please find attached the Payment Schedule dates for the 2014/15 Financial Year for both Home Support and Bed Based Provision’

The Sproc-net system is now live and is being used to secure Older Adult Care/Nursing Provision, the attached document gives you some hints where you should be able to engage the process more efficiently

The Strategic Director of the Peoples Directorate has approved the Framework Agreement extension for the provision of home support and bed based services commencing 1st April 2014 for a period of two years.

Please find attached a copy of the variation document.

The attached document is User Guide for providers using the Sproc-net system which we hope you will find useful.

The attached document is an update on the current position in relation to the Care Bill that was debated in the Lords last year and the implication for Providers from January 2014

The attached communication informs Providers of the re-launch date of the Sproc-net system for the Bed Based Providers, it also includes information on what providers are required to do and the helpdesk number if you require further assistance with regard to the Sproc-net system

CQC are asking for feedback with regard to experiences with people with Dementia, you can forward your stories good or bad to the contact details shown on the attachment – CQC are collecting feedback up to the end of January 2014.

This portal allows Suppliers to view their account online to check whether invoices have been received and when payment is due/ has been made.

Suppliers can also input their invoices directly into Birmingham City Councils payment system against official purchase orders, which can improve payment processing times.

Suppliers can register by going to

On the website Suppliers will find all the guidelines and information they will need to use the site effectively incl FAQs, training notes, IT terms and conditions etc.

The attached document explains the processes and procedures with regard to the micro-tendering process

The attached document is an update on the current position in relation to the Micro Tendering through the Sproc-net system for Providers, it also gives the proposed dates when the system will go live for various Hospital Teams over the next few weeks for your information.

Please see attached a letter from Elizabeth Ross Assistant Director - Operational Commmisioning updating providers of the re-opening of the system for Bed Based Providers on 9th December 2013.

Please find below Action Cards produced by Public Health England outlining guidance for various bodies in relation to protecting health and reducing harm from cold weather

Please find below a document produced by The Public Health Department outlining guidance for Care Providers in relation to protecteing health and reducing harm from cold weather

Please find below a letter from Elizabeth Ross, Assistant Director Operational Commissioning, confirming Cabinet's agreement to increase care fees for Bed Based providers with effect from 1st October 2013.

Please find below the slides that were presented at the Provider Forums that were held at Birmingham Science Park on 24th October 2013. They relate to the Data Sharing Process and the Provision of Care.

Please find below the new FHS SS8046 variation form and guidance notes which needs to be completed by purchaser or provider in the event of variations to Home Support Packages

Phone courier "police" scammers targeting elderly in Birmingham

SCAMMERS who pretend to be police officers in order to trick people into handing over their bank cards to a fake ‘courier’ are targeting the elderly in Birmingham.

Three people are known to have been approached since the start of October prompting police to issue a warning to older people across the area.

In all three crimes one of the tricksters has called claiming to be a PC Miller based at Holborn police station in London and have even quoted a fictional police officer ID number of 3553.

They have then told their victims that they have two men in custody and that they have found a cloned bank card containing their personal details. The man has then told them to contact their bank immediately in order to ensure that no money has been withdrawn from their account.

But the thieves jam the telephone, meaning that when the victims have called their bank, they have actually spoken to the same fraudster who called them in the first place. It means the target of the scam has unwittingly disclosed their bank details to the fraudster.

At this point, the offender has claimed to need the original bank card as evidence and has offered to send a ‘courier’ to the victim’s address to collect it. Once this has been done, the cards have been used along with the PIN numbers to withdraw as much cash as possible.

Despite three people being contacted in the West Midlands, two fraud savvy pensioners refused to fall for the con and wouldn’t give their details even when pushed by the callous crooks.

Detective Inspector Neil Postins, from West Midlands Police’s Economic Crime Unit, said: “We know that these highly organised thieves are specifically targeting older people in and around Birmingham.

“This is what we refer to as a ‘courier scam’ and is something we have seen used in other parts of the country for a number of years. Whilst some of the elements of the method may vary, the concept tends to remain the same and it is vital that people remain vigilant against this type of activity.

“If you’ve got elderly relatives or neighbours, please make sure they are aware of this scam and remind them never to disclose their bank details or hand over their cards to anyone who they’re not sure is legitimate.”

Protect yourself against courier fraud:

  • Your bank will never send a courier to your home
  • Your bank and the police will never collect your bank card
  • Your bank and the police will never ask for your PIN
  • If you receive one of these calls end it immediately

If you’ve been a victim:

  • Report it to Action Fraud – call 0300 123 2040 or visit
  • If you have handed over any details to the fraudster, call your bank and cancel your cards immediately.
  • If you want to call your bank, then do it from another telephone.

Kind Regards

Birmingham West and Central KIN





Serving our communities and protecting them from harm.

Please find below a copy of the Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility for your information:

The document below includes supporting documentation that relates to the Revised Schedule 20 Data Processing Agreement

Please find attached a letter from Elizabeth Ross Assisistant Director Operational Commissioning giving an update on the launch of the Micro Tendering Service for Bed Based Services.

The letter also includes details of Training Opportunities for Bed Based Providers in preparation for the launch of the Micro Tendering process, also attached is the revised version and summary of Schedule 20 - Data Processing Agreement for your information.

Please find attached a letter from Elizabeth Ross Assisistant Director Operational Commissioning giving an update on the Open Book2 Cabinet Report and the Micro Tendering Bed Based Services for your information.

The letter also includes details of Training Opportunities for Bed Based Providers in preparation for the launch of the Micro Tendering in September 2013

The Health and Safety Executive has guidance on how to stay safe in excessive heat conditions and employer responsibilities which you can access by clicking the following links:

Keep your top on: health risks from working in the sun

Heat stress in the workplace: a brief guide

Workplace health, safety and welfare. Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 Approved Code of Practice

The link below is to a short video that explains ways that Care Homes can support some of the most frail and ill older people in this country. They need to plan and deliver care carefully if they are to avoid adding to the numbers needing hospital admissions.

Avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions among older people: Residential care homes

Please find below the presentation that was presented at the KPMG follow up forum at The Priory Rooms on Thursday 13th June 2013.

Please find attached the draft KPMG report for Open Book Accounting 2 based on the questionnaire returns:

Submit your response here

Please find attached the Open Book2 Next Steps and Key Dates Presentation which was shared at the Open Book Provider Forums on 21st May 2013.

Please help us recruit 'Experts by experience' for the Citizen-led Quality Boards

Over the last two years, Adults & Communities has worked with service users and carers to set up two Citizen-led Quality Boards - one for Assessment & Support Planning and one for Commissioning. Both Boards are now established, but still have vacancies, and we are asking for your help in identifying any member of the public who you think might be interested, and making them aware of the opportunity. Details of the work of the Boards, information for applicants, and an application form, are available on the Council website at

Many of the Directorate's service users and their carers have talents, skills and experience which would enable them to make an important contribution to the Quality Boards' work to improve adult social care in the city. Board membership would also provide them with a stimulating & rewarding experience, and benefit their personal development.

We are asking you to do some talent spotting, and maybe offer encouragement & support if people are uncertain whether to put themselves forward.

Jane Thakoordin
Commissioning Officer
PO Box 16467
B2 2DR

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