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The Award Winning Be active scheme

Be active has now been running city wide in Birmingham since 1st September 2009. The scheme currently has over 300,000 members from Birmingham, which represents about 1 in 3 of the entire population. If you would like to become a member of Be active you will need a Leisure Card. All you need to do is complete an application form and take it into your local leisure centre, along with two documents which show your name and address.

What is included?

The new Be active scheme offers a diverse range of activities, including gym, swim, fitness classes. Some centres also offer badminton, table tennis and much more. To see which other activities are on the Be Active scheme in your area please contact your local centre directly or take a look at the attachments at the bottom of the page.

We are also in the process of introducing more outside activities in conjunction with Birmingham City Council Parks Service to offer a range of activities within Birmingham’s Parks and open spaces.

Taking regular walks such as walking to work or your local shops, walking your children to school or walking for pleasure is a free and easy way to stay fit, and protect the environment through reducing your C02. To find out your best walking route, how long it might take and how many calories you could burn check out

For details of activity by leisure centre, please contact your local leisure centre.

All information is correct at time of publishing. Amendments and updates will be made on the first working day of each month.

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Q. I’m already a Be active customer, do I need to renew my existing card?
A. No, all current Be active cards will be valid while the scheme is in place.

Q. How long will the scheme continue for?
A. The scheme will operate for the foreseeable future, any amendments or changes will be added to this page.

Q. Why has the scheme changed?
A. The scheme has changed for two reasons, firstly; Local Authorities and Health providers have been presented with immense financial challenges in the coming financial year, which has resulted in a reduction in funding to the scheme. Secondly; we are making the scheme more flexible to meet the needs of the local communities, this was one of the main suggestions made by Be active customers during the Independent study undertaken by Birmingham University.

Q. I’ve looked at the timetable to use the gym at my local leisure centre. Why is it no longer available at the time I used to visit?
A. Take a look at your next nearest leisure centre to see if you attend a gym session at a more convenient time. Or, why not try out one of the new activities on offer such as badminton.

Q. I would like to do more outside activities but cannot see many?
A. Birmingham City Council Parks Service will shortly be providing a range of physical activity opportunities in parks and open spaces. Remember that Birmingham still offers a range of 2km and 5km walks

Q. Can my child still swim in Be active times
A. Yes, children who live in Birmingham aged 15 years and under can swim free of charge during any general swimming session.

Q. Can I still use any leisure centre?
A. Yes, you will also notice on the timetable we now have even more centres providing Be active activities

Q. I would like to join the scheme is this still possible?
A. Yes, just follow the link on this page for details on how to join the scheme.

Q. I cannot provide two proofs of address?
A. Please refer to the eligibility criteria for more information

Q. My friend is eligible for the scheme and I am not as my postcode is not on the list. Why?
A. Some ‘B’ postcodes are outside the Birmingham City boundary, therefore not eligible to join Be active

Q. The Be active gym session at my local leisure centre finishes at 5.00pm. What is the latest I can come into the gym?
A. You will be able to come into the gym up to 5.00pm. However, after the Be active time has finished you will be asked to vacate.