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Did you know?

Did You Know? Adults and Communities is making it personal

We provide services that help adults in Birmingham to live as independently as they can and to be part of their local community. We support people to live the life they choose.

New CQC Monitoring Standards

The Care Quality Commision (CQC) have stopped conducting annual performance assessments of social care services. Now we have to demonstrate locally to the people of Birmingham how we are improving outcomes for those who require care and support. We will do this by publishing annual local performance accounts.

From 1 April 2011 we assess and report on our performance using the four quality statements (domains) in the new Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework.

The four domains are:

  • Enhancing quality of life for people with care and support needs
  • Delaying and reducing the need for care and support
  • Ensuring that people have a positive experience of care and support
  • Safeguarding adults whose circumstances make them vulnerable and protecting them from harm.

CQC will continue to monitor standards of quality and safety in care homes, home care services and the Shared Lives scheme that we provide. It will also carry out adhoc inspections of social care services if concerns are raised about the quality of service provision.

A more personal approach to care

People in Birmingham who use our services are asking for more choice and control over the type of care they get, when they get it, who provides it and how it is managed.

We have been listening to you, and by changing the way we support you to get your care, we are able to give you more independence, choice and control in your life.

This approach to adult social care is called personalisation and is in line with the Government’s commitment to transforming adult social care. You can find out more about this in the Department of Health document Putting people first: a shared vision and commitment to the transformation of adult social care. (published 2007) and on the Putting People First website.

Self-directed support is part of personalisation, and is a new way of providing social care which puts you in control.

Self-directed support means you can choose how you want to manage your care services, giving you more control over the social care support you can get. In this way, we are providing a much more personal approach to adult care services.

How do I get help from Adults and Communities?

You may need help in your day-to-day life because you, or someone you care for:

If you have difficulty with living independently, we can support you with:

  • advice and information about services available to all adults, such as leisure, transport, health and education
  • advice and support to help you live as independently as possible in your own home. We may be able to provide you with equipment to prevent you having a fall and keep you safe
  • personal care, for example help to wash, shower, have a bath, dress, use the toilet and eat meals.

To find out if you, or someone you care for, is eligible for our services, we will need to talk to you and assess your social care needs. You can ask us for an assessment by contacting the relevant service on the adult social care services page.

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