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Local Labour Market Publications

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This page contains links to publications containing intelligence and data on the local labour market.

The Unemployment Briefing gives numbers and rates of Job Seekers Allowance claimants in the city by ward, constituency and gender. It includes a comparison to other Core Cities, the region and the country, plus maps showing rates and change in unemployment by superoutput area.( 285KB PDF Monthly publication)

The Youth Unemployment Briefing gives data on JSA claimants aged 18-24. It includes a comparison to other core cities and a map of the city showing which parts of the city have seen the largest increase in numbers.(220KB PDF Quarterly publication).

Unemployment by Ethnicity Briefing (155KB PDF Published quarterly)
The Unemployment by Ethnicity Briefing provides data on JSA claimants for different ethnic groups. It includes a comparison of the city's rates with the West Midlands Region and England and a constituency breakdown (2014 data).

Unemployment by ethnicity - flows and durations (499KB PDF Published February 2015)
This report shows how off-flows from JSA and duration of claim differs for different ethnic groups (2014 data).

Women in the Labour Market - a statistical analysis (2.9MB PDF Published May 2014)
This report uses a variety of data sources to analyse women's participation in the labour market. It includes analysis by ethnicity, age and geography. It has been updated with city level 2013 APS data and Census 2011 data at a city, ward and constituency level.

Ethnic Groups in the Labour Market - a statistical analysis (2.9MB PDF Published October 2014)
This report uses data from the 2011 Census to provide a detailed analysis of the labour market status of the major ethnic groups in the city.

Worklessness Briefing (1.8MB Published quarterly)
The Worklessness Briefing gives numbers and rates for out of work benefit claimants in Birmingham by ward, constituency, benefit, and gender using data from the Department of Work and Pensions. It includes a comparison of the city's rate with the other Core Cities, the West Midlands the UK.