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A gang is a group of people who may be involved in crime and violence. Everyone should be able to enjoy the city without feeling threatened by gangs. You can report problems with gangs by clicking the above button.

If a gang is committing any criminal offence, please report it to the police. Call Crimestoppers instead if you’d rather remain anonymous.

Essential Information
  • Under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, we have specific duties for monitoring and dealing with ASB. In 2003, we set up the Birmingham Antisocial Behaviour Unit (BASBU), a specialist team that deals with ASB across the city.

    It’s always best to try to nip problem behaviour in the bud. In the first instance, so long as it’s safe, we will always advise you to speak directly with whoever is causing the problem.

    Many disputes between neighbours could be resolved just by talking to each other. Issues are often just down to a clash of lifestyles – the perpetrator(s) may not even realise that they’re causing a nuisance.

    If you’re being subjected to persistent ASB, you can report it on 0121 303 1111 and we’ll advise you on what to do. We’ll then refer your complaint either to BASBU or the council department best placed to deal with your specific issue.

    If you’re a council tenant, we’ll either put you in touch with your local housing team or make a referral on your behalf.

    If you’re a tenant of a registered social landlord, we may give you their contact details, if the matter is something that they have the power to deal with.

    In an emergency you should always call 999 and report the matter to the police.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • We can only investigate incidents that happen in Birmingham. If the incident happened somewhere else, then you should notify the relevant local authority, or the police.

    • In some circumstances the councils service may be able to help resolve problems before they become full disputes. Even if there is a history of problems between the parties, Mediation can be useful in helping to resolve them.

    • We will respond to your complaint within one working day if it is a very serious complaint (category A) such as harassment, violence or threat of violence or a hate crime. We will respond to your complaint within five working days if it is a serious complaint (category B) such as threats or threatening behaviour, or intimidating behaviour from groups or individuals. We will also give you the name of the local officer who is looking into your complaint.