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Direct payments Factsheets

To access the direct payments factsheets please click here.

What is a direct payment?

Watch this film to find out what a direct payment is and how you can apply.
Full version http://youtu.be/4wfVyus7n44
There is also a short version of this film: http://youtu.be/5k6AEkJ5xK0

If you prefer to watch with subtitles we have these available separately:
Subtitled full version http://youtu.be/Pr9V5y-TeIc Subtitled short version http://youtu.be/qj9pjDNZ-EQ

For further information, please contact the Direct Payments Team on 0121 675 5382

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Employing a personal assistant

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Information and support from other organisations

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Direct Payments Group on Facebook for users to join and give their views

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