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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

How to contact us

How to contact us about adult social care services and support

You will find contact details for the main services we provide on this page:

Other services

There is more information about how a list of all our services, with contact details, on the adult social care services page.

When we are open

Our main offices are open during the day on

Monday to Thursday: from 8:45am to 5:15pm

Friday only: from 8:45am to 4:15pm.

In an emergency

If you need to speak to us in an emergency when our main offices are closed, please call the Emergency Duty Team on 0121 675 4806.

Older people's services

If you or the person you care for is over 65, or is under 65 and has dementia, you should contact our Adults and Communities Access Point (ACAP).

Adults and Communities Access Point

Phone: 0121 303 1234
Minicom: 0121 303 6230
Email: acap@birmingham.gov.uk

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Learning Disability Services

If you, or the person you care for, has a learning disability and is over 18, you should contact our Learning Disability Services.

Phone: 0121 303 2202

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Physical Disability Services

If you, or the person you care for, has a physical disability and is aged between 18 and 64, you should contact our Physical Disability Services.

Phone: 0121 303 3335

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Sight loss

Visual Impairment Service

If you are blind or the person you care for, is blind or has a sight problem and is over 18, you should contact our Visual Impairment Team

Phone: 0121 464 9455

Email: visual.impairment.team@birmingham.gov.uk

Write to:
Visual Impairment Team
PO Box 16362
Birmingham B2 2YT

Blind and Partially Sighted Register

Phone: 0121 303 4714
Email: schblindregister@birmingham.gov.uk

Write to:

Blind and Partially Sighted Register,
PO Box 16362
Birmingham B2 2YT

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Services for people who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing

For information, advice or to ask for a social care assessment, please contact the Deaf and Hearing Impairment Team.

Phone: 0121 675 0999
Text Phone: 18001 0121 675 0999
Fax: 0121 675 2199

If the individual is a child from birth to 17 years old, you can contact the Children’s Information and Advice Service (CIAS) on 0121 303 1888

The Deaf and Hearing Impairment Social Work Team:
Birmingham City Council
Social Work Team
PO Box 16370
B2 2AE

Is there a charge?

There is a charge for some types of equipment.

There may be a contribution required towards support provided for your care needs. However, this is dependent on your individual circumstances. The workers will be able to advise you in relation to this.

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Mental Health Services

If you, or the person you care, for has mental health difficulties and is aged over 18, you should contact the mental health service for your part of Birmingham.

Mental Health Social Work Access and Duty South Birmingham

Phone: 0121 301 2830

  • If you live in South Birmingham
    Phone: 0121 464 7001
  • If you live in North Birmingham
    Phone: 0121 464 5123
  • If you live in Central Birmingham
    Phone: 0121 303 5188


In emergencies when the offices are closed please phone the Emergency Duty Team on:
0121 464 9001.

The Emergency Duty Team is available from 5.15pm until 8.45am Monday to Friday, from 4.15pm on Friday afternoon, and all day during weekends and bank holidays.

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Carers' services

If you are a carer but you don’t know who to contact, you should contact the Birmingham Carers Hub.

Website: www.birminghamcarershub.org.uk

Email: info@birminghamcarershub.org.uk

Telephone: 0333 006 9711 (low call rate)

Write to:

Birmingham Carers Hub
76-78 Boldmere Road
Sutton Coldfield
B73 5TJ

All other enquiries

Please email: MyCareInBirmingham.Enquiries@birmingham.gov.uk
To find Service Providers visit: https://MarketPlace.MyCareInBirmingham.org.uk

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