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If you've been assaulted or threatened with assault you should contact the police.

Where there is an immediate threat you should phone the Police on 999. However if there is no immediate threat, you should phone 0345 113 5000 and ask for your local police station.

Assault is classed as Antisocial Behaviour you can report an incident by using the button above.

Essential Information
  • If you are the victim of an assault and would like some support or advice from an agency other than the police or council you can contact Victim Support on 0121 455 8211 for a local office or e-mail


  • We have set up the Community Safety Partnership, a specialist team that deals with Antisocial Behaviour across the city.

    In the first instance, so long as it's safe, we will always advise you to speak directly with whoever is causing the problem.

    Many disputes between neighbours could be resolved just by talking to each other. Your neighbour may not even realise that they’re causing a nuisance.

    If you’re being subjected to persistent Antisocial Behaviour, we’ll then refer your complaint either to the Community Safety Partnership or the council department best placed to deal with your specific issue.

    If you’re a tenant of a registered social landlord, we may give you their contact details, if the matter is something that they have the power to deal with.

    In an emergency you should always call 999 and report the matter to the police.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • We can only investigate incidents that happen in Birmingham. If the incident happened somewhere else, then you should notify the relevant local authority, or the police.

    • In some circumstances the councils service may be able to help resolve problems before they become full disputes. Even if there is a history of problems between the parties, Mediation can be useful in helping to resolve them.

    • We will respond to your complaint within one working day if it is a very serious complaint (category A) such as harassment, violence or threat of violence or a hate crime. We will respond to your complaint within five working days if it is a serious complaint (category B) such as threats or threatening behaviour, or intimidating behaviour from groups or individuals. We will also give you the name of the local officer who is looking into your complaint.

    • We have provided a range of ways you can report cases of assault to us, namely by visiting any of our neighbourhood offices or by calling Contact Birmingham on 0121 303 1111. You can also call or email your local team on the numbers listed in the contact page below.

    • We will listen to what you tell us and keep a record of it so you don’t have to repeat yourself. We will explain what we can do to help you and agree an action plan with you. In addition we will keep what you tell us confidential.

    • We will contact you every two weeks to tell you about the progress of your complaint and give you a diary to complete to gather evidence if needed and help you complete it. We will review the diary every two weeks. We will consult with you before we finish dealing with your complaint.

    • If we discover we cannot help you, we will clearly and honestly explain why and refer your case to other organisations which can help, if needed. For example, we could ask a mediation service to help.

    • We will provide you with a specialist victim support service if your case goes to court.

    • You must not do anything that interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of other people living in the area. For Council tenants, we gave you a Conditions of Tenancy booklet when you moved in to your council home. If you can't find yours, you can get a new one from your nearest neighbourhood office or by calling your local housing team. Please make sure you read this booklet and follow the tenancy conditions. It explains how you, and any joint tenants, are responsible for your behaviour and the behaviours of your children, pets and anyone else living with or visiting you. Action will be taken against tenants who break their conditions of tenancy.

    • We are always looking for service users to get involved and help us improve the service. If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved, please contact us using the details. We will send you a customer satisfaction survey when we finish dealing with your complaint and use your comments to improve our service to customers.

    • We will provide all of our service users with equal access to services. We will not discriminate against anyone because of their age, disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. We make sure our offices are accessible and we provide induction loops and sign language facilities if you need them. We use written and spoken language that is clear and easy to understand, and provide you with written documents that are easy to read and offer them in large print, Braille or on audio CD if required.

    • Council staff will carry identity badges at all times. Always ask to see identification before letting anyone into your home.

    • We will arrange to translate documents or for an interpreter to explain written documents to you if you are a non-English speaker.

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