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Adult Social Care - comments, compliments and complaints

Your views about Adult Social Care services in Birmingham

Your views and experiences of Adult Social Care services are important to us because we want to give you the best services we can. By listening to you we can find out how well we are doing and learn how to continue to improve the services we provide.

To make a comment, compliment or complaint about another Birmingham City Council service, please visit the Your Views page.

Comments: Giving us your ideas or suggestions on how we may improve our Adult Social Care services.

Compliments: Letting us know when our staff or services have done a good job and we get things right.

Complaints: Telling us when something has gone wrong, or you are dissatisfied so we can try to put things right and improve our services for the future.

Who can make a complaint?

You can make a complaint if you:
  • Are in receipt or believe you should be in receipt of Adult Care Services
  • Are a carer, or you are acting on someone else's behalf. If you are making a complaint on behalf of someone who uses our services, we will check that they have given you their permission to make the complaint.

What can I complain about?

You may want to complain about any of the following.

  • If we don’t offer you a service that meets your needs.
  • If we decide that you can’t use one of our services.
  • If we take too long to do our job or provide a service.
  • If our staff do not behave in the way that you expect, for example if they are rude or you think you have been treated unfairly.
  • If you do not agree with a decision we have made.
  • If you think we have not involved you enough.

What should I do if I want to make a complaint?

You may want to talk about your concerns informally with the staff or manager of the service you are complaining about. We encourage you to do this, as you may be able to sort out the problem at this stage. If you find you cannot sort out the problem within 48 hours (2 days) of making the complaint, you can then contact us direct.

How to make a comment, compliment or complaint about Adult Social Care

You can make a comment, compliment or complaint by:


We can provide you with an interpreter if your first language is not English. We do not charge you for this.

Independent advocates

If you need an independent advocate (representative), the Customer Care and Citizen Involvement Team can arrange for one free of charge to help you speak up and promote your rights and interests.

More information and contact details

If you would like more information about our service and the comments, compliments and complaints process, please contact us at:

Customer Care and Citizen Involvement Team
Directorate for People (Adult Social Care)
Birmingham City Council
PO Box 16465
B2 2DG

Phone: 0121 303 5161 (option 1)

Fax: 0121 303 7208

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