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Kings Norton Planning Framework

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This Framework provides detailed planning guidance for development partners and forms the basis for considering planning applications in the future. The Planning Framework sets out the way in which the area will be regenerated over the next 20 years.

The proposals centre around Pool Farm, Primrose and Hawkesley Estates and include proposals for a new local centre on Redditch Road and new spine road, surrounded by new housing, open space and community facilities.

A copy of the Framework is below, along with a map showing the area covered by the proposals.

Elsewhere on the estates, new housing has been delivered by Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust (BMHT) at Brooklea Grove,new housing is under construction at Monksway/Walkers Heath Road.

At Primrose Estate, the phased demolition of unfit housing continues, and work is in progress to develop a new local centre including a new food store. A Compulsory Purchase Order has been confirmed to assemble the site, and it is hoped that this proposal will move forward later in 2014.

A masterplan has been prepared to design the remainder of the Primrose redevelopment, a copy is available below.

Kings Norton Planning Framework (Size: 7.12 Mb Type: PDF )

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Kings Norton Masterplan July 2014 (Size: 1.22 Mb Type: PDF )

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Document Status : Non Statutory Guidance - Approved March 2010

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