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Birmingham Sustainable Community Strategy

Birmingham 2026 is the long-term sustainable community strategy shaping Birmingham future. It has been developed by Birmingham City Council and the local strategic partnership, Be Birmingham, which brings together partners from the business, public, community, voluntary and faith sectors, to deliver a better quality of life in Birmingham.

Birmingham 2026 is our vision to make Birmingham a great place to live, learn, work and visit a global city with a local heart.

Birmingham 2026 will be the UK first sustainable global city with a low-carbon energy infrastructure and well prepared for the impact of climate change. People will be able to move easily around the city and we will be the world leader in environmental technology.

Birmingham 2026 will transform the connectivity of the city with high speed rail links to London and Europe and direct air links to the world major destinations.

Our new regenerated local towns and extended city centre will be a sustainable home to over 100,000 more people.

Birmingham 2026 includes major physical development involving New Street Station and Birmingham International Airport, and 8 billion of investment in the city, new businesses and homes.

Birmingham 2026 is built around five key outcomes developed through research and analysis, discussion and debate with Birmingham people you spoke, we listened! It also sets out ten breakthrough changes to accelerate the city achievement of our main ambitions, and adopts four key principles to ensure that changes are people-driven.

The ideas within the strategy reflect what people have told us matters to them. Our challenge is working together with everyone in the city and region to achieve these ambitions.

Birmingham 2026 continues our journey to make Birmingham a city second to none.

You spoke, we listened!

We have listened to what thousands of local people have told us over the last two years about their view on how the city can be improved. We summarised what we heard, and translated this into a strategy for the next 18 years.

A number of individuals and organisations representing our diverse communities, hard to reach groups, key stakeholders and representatives within the council and the Be Birmingham Strategic Partnership received copies of the draft Sustainable Community Strategy and its summary. They were asked to provide detailed responses to the document, either directly or through structured face to face consultation events. We posted the full version of the strategy, and a summary version on the City Council and Be Birmingham websites. We also made the strategy and summary version available in key locations across the city, (including neighbourhood offices, libraries and Job Centre Plus offices) and invited responses from those reading the strategy. We distributed short questionnaires across the city and at various events, aimed at assessing which of the key priority outcomes of the strategy were most important to Birmingham citizens. Additionally, a specially designed consultation pack for schools sent to over 30 primary schools valuable feedback from young people across the city.

We received an excellent response to the range of consultation exercises. The detailed feedback has proven an invaluable critical assessment as well as drawing attention to specific issues within the draft strategy.

Taking these comments on board, the strategy has been remodelled to provide fewer, "punchier" actions and has also been refocused to ensure that people's priorities are better reflected in the document.

Birmingham 2026 has been considered and commented on by key decision makers across the city council and partner organisations. It was formally endorsed by the City Council on 9th September.