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Community and Play Central Strategy and Support Team

The Central Team provides contact for Community and Play enquiries city-wide. We can help you find your nearest Community and Play centres.

Mission Statement
To promote excellence in the planning, delivery and monitoring of community development and play services for the benefit of the citizens of all communities in Birmingham.

  • Implement and monitor performance management systems, relating to national and local performance indicators.
  • In partnership with constituencies, develop and deliver training programmes.
  • Provide access to resources to support and deliver community and play provision, e.g. Play Resource Centre.
  • Develop and deliver city wide Community Development and Play projects in partnership with other organisations, e.g. Play Strategy.
  • Provide updates on new legislation, policies and funding opportunities affecting the Community and Play Service.
  • Manage and administer the Community and Play Service grants programme.

For further enquires, please contact Community and Play Central Strategy Team on 0121 303 3035.

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