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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Council Housing Capital Investment Programme - Expired Lifecycles

Each year Birmingham City Council sets aside a pot of money for modernising and improving the housing we own.
This is known as the Capital Investment Programme. This page tells you more about the programme and includes a breakdown by district and ward of how many properties will be improved in this financial year.

The government’s Decent Homes programme came to an end in 2011, but its spirit remains fundamental as we plan future housing stock investment.

Upgraded UPVC window
Upgraded UPVC window

We plan to inspect all of our 64,000 council houses, approximately 12,800 per year.

Our technical surveyors are conducting full stock condition surveys in order to collect accurate and up-to-date information, including the age, condition, and the remaining repairs life of current elements and fittings, such as front door, window, kitchen and so on. This stock information is then used to inform future capital investment programmes.

Currently, the main focus of surveying is on properties where we know that one or more property elements have reached the end of their current repairs life cycle. Full stock conditions surveys at these properties will determine whether the property needs to be prioritised for future investment.

Due to the limited budget available each year, it is not possible to issue improvement work for the council's full housing stock in any one financial year. Improvement works are done on a rolling, on-going basis. For this reason, gathering up to date stock information is critical so that the council can target priorities appropriately.

We will be informing customers when work will be carried out within their property a month before the Contractor will contact them. Your co-operation in allowing the council's technical surveyors to carry out full stock condition surveys in your home will be greatly appreciated.

See our before and after page to find out more about which elements are being prioritised, and examples of upgrade work.

2015/16 Capital Investment Programme - by district and ward

Choose a district from the list below to see a table showing the number of properties that will undergo works as part of our 2015/16 Capital Investment Programme.



Hall Green

Hodge Hill



Perry Barr

Selly Oak

Sutton Coldfield


Please Note: The data above is correct as of 1 April 2015 and is subject to change. All work is currently in 'authorised status' and issued to contractors for completion. These are indicative programme numbers and will vary dependent on budget and cost variation. Customers will be notified four weeks in advance of contractor surveys being carried out.

Our Partners

The upgrade work will be carried out by our partners:

  • Lovell
  • Thomas Vale
  • Wilmott Dixon
  • Mansell
  • Carillion

Your Feedback

If you have any ideas that could help improve the way we work or communicate with you, such as suggestions for our web pages or Twitter account, we would love to hear from you. Just fill in and submit the form below.

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