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Birmingham City Council Business Plan 2015+

Responding to the challenge, looking to the future

Birmingham City Council’s Business Plan 2015+ was agreed at a meeting of full council on 3 March 2015.

This marked the end of a year-long review and planning process which involved a thorough look at all our services in light of substantial cuts to the council’s budget as well as extensive consultation with city residents – which proved the biggest to date (see below).

Our goals remain the same: to work with public services, businesses and the people of Birmingham to create a city that is fairer, more prosperous and more democratic.

But radically reduced resources mean planning for a future with a lot less money to spend on services. Some will need to change substantially, and some cut altogether.

We are also taking on board the findings of the recent reviews into Birmingham City Council.

You can read the two-part Business Plan 2015+ here.

The ‘Business Plan 2015+ and Summary Budget’ sets out the council’s vision, values and priorities for the next financial year and beyond. The ‘Budget Report and Resource Plan’ gives further detail on how it will work in practice and how we plan to resource it.

You can also view the ‘Business Plan 2015+ on a page’ here:

Budget consultation 2015+

The council’s budget consultation for 2015+ ended on 12 January 2015.
Members of the public were able to have their say via email, online survey, public meetings, text and letter and there was a good response with almost 2,000 participating.

There were also around 8,000 views of two webcasts where the council’s cabinet answered public questions on the budget, and around 20,000 views of this webpage.

These responses helped shape the Business Plan 2015+.

Your feedback

All the survey responses and comments that were received as part of the budget consultation were incorporated into a feedback report.

You’ll find this report below, together with feedback from other meetings held during the consultation process.

Budget Consultation Final Report

 PDF (Size: 513 Kb Type: pdf )

Public Consultation Meeting Report Council House

 PDF (Size: 391 Kb Type: pdf )

Public Consultation Meeting Report Erdington

 PDF (Size: 451 Kb Type: pdf )

Stakeholders Conference 2015+ Report

 PDF (Size: 218 Kb Type: pdf )

You can read the White Paper document on which the budget consultation was based below.

Responding to the challenge, looking to the future

 PDF (Size: 461 Kb Type: pdf )

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There were also individual factsheets for each white paper proposal providing more detail about proposed changes in different areas of the council’s work.

The journey to reach these budget proposals began in January 2014 with a series of council service reviews when everything the council does was looked at fully in order to make decisions on changes to services.