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Birmingham’s Budget Consultation 2016+

Talk to Us... about the kind of city council you want in the future

Talk to us – we’re listening
Next month Birmingham City Council will publish its detailed budget proposals for 2016+ and there will be a whole range of ways to have a say – including by email, post, online survey, text, and putting questions to council cabinet members via webcasts.

These initial proposals will be about how we allocate the total amount of money the council has to spend on services for the next financial year and beyond – we’re planning up to 2020. The survey will run from 9 December 2015 to 8 January 2016.

Those potentially affected by changes to individual service areas will have another chance to have a say on specific plans later on in the consultation process.

Click on the links below to join us:
Tuesday 15 December 2015
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: The Lighthouse Centre, St Barnabas Church, High Street, Erdington B23 6SY
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Wednesday 16 December 2015
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: Banqueting Suite, Council House, Victoria Square B1 1BB
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Community workshops

More than 350 people have already been helping to shape the future of council services towards 2020 by taking part in a series of community workshops held in November around the city’s ten districts.

The city council needs to change and we have less money to spend on services, so the council of 2020 will look very different to the council today. At the workshops, councillors, council officers and residents came up with suggestions for how local services could be delivered differently working with partners and communities.

Read the Taking the Council to the People final report on these suggestions. And find out more about the council’s Future Council programme.

To view the details of the previous year's consultation, please see the Budget Consultation 2015+ page.