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Birmingham’s Budget Consultation 2016+

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Have your say on our budget plans

The consultation on our plans for allocating the total budget we have to spend on services for 2016 and beyond finished on 8 January 2016.

The consultation continues on specific plans with people potentially affected by changes to individual service areas, including council employees.

You will be able to read a report on all the feedback given to us during this consultation on this page soon. All the views given will be taken into account before the final plan is drawn up (see ‘About the Council Business Plan and Budget 2016+’ below).

You can take a look at the ‘Council Business Plan and Budget 2016+ Consultation’ document here.

Brum Budget 16 Council Business Plan and Budget 2016 Consultation

There are also factsheets on individual council service areas (see below).

About the Council Business Plan and Budget 2016+

These are challenging times for the council. We need to change and we have less money to spend on services. The council of 2020 will look very different to the council of today.

Our current estimate is that we will have to make savings of around £250 million over the next four years on top of the £567 million annual savings the council has already made since 2010/11.

The scale of these cuts means we have to re-imagine and remodel how we do things.

The budget proposals are divided into six broad themes:

You can find more information about these themes in the series of factsheets above, which look into individual service areas.

Next steps

After all the consultation views have been considered, the draft ‘Business Plan and Budget 2016+’ document will be discussed by the council’s cabinet members at a meeting on 16 February 2016. If it is approved, the plan will go on to be tabled for approval by full council on 1 March 2016.

We will make sure people know about any potential changes to council services they use. Depending on the type of service affected this will either be directly or through local media and council communications.

Community workshops

More than 350 people have already been helping to shape the future of council services towards 2020 by taking part in a series of community workshops held in November around the city’s ten districts.

The city council needs to change and we have less money to spend on services, so the council of 2020 will look very different to the council today. At the workshops, councillors, council officers and residents came up with suggestions for how local services could be delivered differently working with partners and communities.

Below, you can download the presentation shown at the workshops and the final report.

Final Report on Council Roadshow November 2015

Future Council 2020 District Community Workshops Presentation

Find out more about the council’s Future Council programme.

To view the details of the previous year's consultation, please see the Budget Consultation 2015+ page.