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Breaking the Chains 2007

Commemorating the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade

The Breaking the chains website

Sources for the study of the Slave Trade in Archives and Heritage - original documents and images

Olaudah Equiano was born in Nigeria, stolen from his parents and sold into slavery. He eventually obtained his freedom and encouraged a national campaign against the slave trade.

Slavery : A Shared History, A Shared Future. A project exploring the ways in which Slavery and Indentured Labour operated.

Slave Pheobe

Documents relating to the slave trade and its abolition on the Connecting Histories website

Documents relating to the slave trade and its abolition on the Revolutionary Players website

Learning Journey about slavery on the Revolutionary Players website - you are the editor of the 'Midlands Gazette', composing a page on anti-slavery

The pictures are from the First Report of the Ladies Society For The Relief of British Negro Slaves.
Archives and Heritage MS 3338, 361221 IIR62

Some useful websites

Liverpool Museums - Slaves' stories

Revolutionary Players

Connecting Histories

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Olaudah Equiano
The Female Society for the Relief of British Negro Slaves