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Consultation on a Controlled Parking Zone in Bournville

Transportation Strategy were asked to look at the option of introducing a residents' parking scheme, close to the Cadbury's site in Bournville. The purpose of a scheme, would be to prevent non-residents parking in the area and make it easier for residents to park on roads near to their homes. We consulted on a proposal for a Controlled Parking Zone/Residents’ Parking Scheme in Bournville between June and July 2008.

What we were told

A total of approximately 670 questionnaires were issued with some questions being common to all questionnaires and other questions being tailored to suit individual locations. 281 questionnaires were completed and returned to the council which represents 42% returns compared to the average of 15% – 20% normally expected from a postal consultation.

The vast majority in the main zone found it difficult to park in their road and most accepted that this was caused by the number of residents’ cars rather external parkers.

There was a majority of 2 to 1 across the entire area felt that parking controls would help.

There was a majority of 3 to 1 in favour of limiting the number of permits per household and most favoured a limit of 2.

In the main zone, there was only a very small majority in favour of having controls operating every day against those who did not want controls.

Across the entire area there was a small majority in favour of Monday to Saturday controls plus evenings although the majority did not want evening controls overall.

The vote was split in all areas (excepting Selly Hall Croft estate) as to whether one hour controls would help.

In the main zone there was a very large majority who said their visitors experienced problems parking. However, in the other areas the majority thought that their visitors had little trouble.

In the Franklin Road excluded area the vast majority did not want parking controls regardless of whether they were introduced in the other areas. Selly Hall Croft estate were very much in favour of having the same parking controls as the main area and the excluded section of Mary Vale showed some support for the same.

If residents were prevented from parking across their drives the vote was split between being very affected and not affected at all. Of those residents who had driveways, the majority did not use this for their visitor parking.

In the excluded area of Mary Vale a small majority wanted to change the existing restrictions outside their house.

A detailed summary of the responses is provided on the attached spreadsheet.

What we have done

Analysis of the parking surveys did not suggest that in general there was a sufficient problem with parking by non-residents in the area and that the problem was most severe in the evenings when there are simply too many residents vehicles for the amount of available space – many of the properties on Mary Vale, Franklin Road and Beaumont Road have no off street parking.

The results of the consultation showed that whilst there was support for parking controls, there was no real consensus as to what measures were actually necessary. There was strong support for restrictions on Selly Hall Croft, York Close and Lancaster Close.

As a result no further action with regard to introducing a residents parking scheme has been undertaken but following discussions with local residents and the Ward Councillors, Selly Oak Constituency has begun to consult on introducing restrictions on Selly Hall Croft, Lancaster Close and York Close. However, this is still subject to further consultation.

What we still need to do

Once a way forward is agreed we will write to local residents to inform them about what is happening and the responses to the residents parking scheme consultation.

A plan of the proposal which was consulted on is below.