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Become a Blood Donor

Become a Blood Donor

Calling all Birmingham blood donors!

The National Blood Service needs to supply around 65,000 units of blood to hospitals in Birmingham every year and the only way we can get this is through volunteer blood donors like you. Without blood, some patients having surgery or cancer treatment would not survive.

Being a blood donor is easier than you think. Donating only takes about 10 minutes but for new donors the process takes a bit longer so we say you should allow an hour. When you make your donation we take 475ml of blood from you, which is just under a pint. The famous Tony Hancock sketch suggests pint: that nearly an armful however in reality your body makes up this pint very quickly.

After you've finished you can it sit back and relax with a cup of tea and a biscuit and the knowledge you've saved a life!

We even come out to your local area to make it easier for you to donate. Wee got a permanent donor centre located in the city centre at 65 New Street and we visit many of the suburbs such as Harborne, Northfield, Kings Heath, Erdington and lots more.

To be a blood donor you must be aged 17-60, weigh over 50kg (7st 12lb) and be in good health. Regular blood donors can keep giving up until the age of 70 and can give three times a year.

This means that in a lifetime of donating you could make 159 donations which could help as many as 477 people as each donation of blood can be broken down into three component parts: red cells, plasma and platelets. Red cells can be used to treat anaemia, plasma can be used on burns and platelets, which prevent bruising and bleeding, can be used on cancer and leukaemia patients. Therefore one donation could save up to three people.

With just 4.3 per cent of the eligible population in the west midlands giving blood we always need more blood donors.

For details of how to become a blood donor and where you can give blood in the Birmingham area please call our national helpline on 0845 7 711 711 or visit our website on www.blood.co.uk

Alternatively you can make an appointment at our permanent donor centre on New Street by calling 0121 253 8220.

The text on this page was provided by the National Blood Service

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