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Council Partnership Aims to Save You Money

Thanks to a landmark Birmingham City Council partnership with Carillion Energy Services, the people of Birmingham can now make energy efficient improvements to homes and business premises, which may reduce their energy bills.


Since its official launch last February, Birmingham Energy Savers has been carrying out energy assessments and making improvements across the city – in flats, homes, tower blocks and even schools and offices – replacing old boilers, providing loft and wall insulation, double glazing and draught proofing.

Great Savings

There are great savings to be made: over the course of a year, insulating a loft could save up to £180, replacing a boiler could reduce heating bills by £310 while internal and external wall insulation could cut fuel bills by nearly £500. (Source: The Energy Savings Trust) .

Birmingham Energy Savers, also known as BES, is continuing to offer assessments as part of The Green Deal, a government initiative which supports this move towards energy efficiency and help reduce carbon emissions, as the short Green Deal Explained video shows, in English, Bengali, Somali, Urdu and Punjabi.



The process begins by booking an assessment with a Green Deal-approved assessor. There is no obligation to commit to anything at this stage. The assessor will recommend the most appropriate improvements to make the property easier and cheaper to heat and more energy efficient.

The BES team will then organise a technical survey to provide a full and accurate quote. It will also explain whether the customer is eligible for the Green Deal Plan or any other financial assistance to help pay for the improvements. Customers are still under no obligation.

For those who are happy to proceed with the improvements, BES will write up the Plan, arrange when the work can be done and the costs repaid. This can be done upfront all at once or over time in small instalments through their electricity bills, which will include a fixed rate interest charge.


Once the improvements have been made, customers will have the potential to make those great savings and enjoy a warmer place, like Mr and Mrs Collins, the Northfield residents who became the first in the city to sign up to a Green Deal plan.


He said: “Our house is not energy efficient and rising energy bills encouraged us to sign up for a Green Deal. Most of the work being done is being paid for by the savings being made, so really it isn’t costing us anything. We are breaking the habit of a lifetime here in taking a loan, but considering what we are getting back, financially, having a warmer place to live and being more energy efficient, we think having a Green Deal is worth it.”

For more information or to book an assessment,

call 0800 917 5772 or email and quote ‘BCCWeb’


Further details about BES, including its commitment to job creation and business growth, are available on

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You can get independent and impartial advice about the Green Deal on 0300 123 1234 or

Photo caption:

Mr Collins (centre) with (left to right) Chris Hall, Account Director of BES, John Jago, Managing Director of Carillion Domestic Energy Services, Stephen Hughes, Previous Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council and Mumtaz Mohammed, BES Programme Manager at Birmingham City Council

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