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Castle Vale Master Plan

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Castle Vale is one of the largest post-war social housing estates in Europe. By the early 1990s it was in poor physical shape and had increasing social problems. In 1993 the Castle Vale Housing Action Trust (HAT) was set up to improve the estate and the quality of life there.

The Castle Vale Master Plan was adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance in 1995 to guide a regeneration programme involving a mix of redevelopment and refurbishment. Although the programme is largely complete, the Master Plan is still relevant as it provides the context for future proposals on the estate.

Key developments included

  • Redevelopment of the main shopping centre including a superstore, small shops and retail park off Chester road.
  • Redevelopment of Reed Square shopping centre for a mix of retail, housing or office uses.
  • A small business enterprise park at Park Lane.
  • A major new park at the centre of the area and several small parks and improved open spaces, public art and traffic management measures.
  • Over 1000 new homes, including 230 off Farnborough Road and 350 off Yatesbury Avenue.
  • A range of community and health facilities including The Sanctuary, Eden Court Medical Practice.

A copy of the Master Plan is below, along with its appendices and map showing the area covered by the proposals.

Document Status : Statutory Policy Document - Adopted September 1995

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Last Updated : 24th January 2014