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A34 / Route51 Bus Showcase / Red Route - archive

In June 2003 a consultation was carried out on general road improvements to the route of the number 51 bus service, as part of the Route 51 Bus Showcase and Red Route scheme.

The route is targeted for improvements to cater not only for bus travel but also to make improvements at specific locations along the route, providing benefits for pedestrians and also tackling specific traffic congestion spots.

Here is an update on the present situation and the expected timetable for the proposed improvements along the route:

Phase 1- Lancaster Circus to One Stop Shopping Centre
  • The bus lanes between Lancaster Circus and One Stop Shopping Centre will be clearly indicated by resurfacing with a green tarmac. It is intended that these works take place in June/July 2004.
  • The remaining old style bus shelters between Lancaster Circus and One Stop Shopping Centre will be replaced with new showcase shelters. These works will take place before the green resurfacing of the bus lanes.
  • The experimental ed RouteTraffic Order proposed between Lancaster Circus and One Stop Shopping Centre will be formally advertised in February/March 2004. Depending upon the responses received, it is intended that red route lining and signing works will be carried out in July/August 2004.
  • We have been asked that Thornbury Road be opened at its junction with Birchfield Road to provide better access to local roads and additional parking for the shops. Residents are now to be consulted on this proposal.

Phase 2- One Stop Shopping Centre to Scott Arms

  • The proposals are to alter the traffic signal junctions on the Walsall Road (at Church Road, Rocky Lane, Tower Hill and Old Walsall Road) to provide benefits for buses and help reduce traffic congestion. It is proposed that the subways at these locations will be closed and surface level pedestrian crossings provided.
  • Other subways along the Walsall Road are being considered for closure and replacement with surface level pedestrian crossings. Locations for proposed crossings and bus stops are being reviewed following comments made by residents during our initial public consultation.
  • A ed RouteTraffic Order is proposed on the Walsall Road between One Stop Shopping Centre and Scott Arms.
  • The existing bus shelters on the Walsall Road between One Stop Shopping Centre and Scott Arms will be replaced with high quality bus shelters and raised kerbs to allow easier boarding.
  • Detailed design is now being carried out on Phase 2 and further consultation on the final design is intended to take place in February/March 2004 with full legal advertisement of the ed RouteTraffic Order in June/July 2004. Notification of these consultation events can be viewed in Route 51 Bus Showcase Consultation.
  • Depending upon the public response to these consultations, it is intended that works involved in Phase 2 will begin in late 2004.
It needs to be noted that Phase 1 and Phase 2 works are subject to Cabinet approval and the funding being made available by West Midlands Planning and Transportation Sub-Commitee.

There is a proposal by Centro and Birmingham City Council to provide a Metro on this route in the future. This will form part of separate ongoing consultations by Centro, which are now underway.